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Server: Millrush
Guild website: http://riftrequiem.enjin.com/
RSS Feed: RSS Events
Guild raid locations: Greenscales Blight 3/5  River of Souls 1/5 

Guild Events

Event IDTime SubmittedSubmitted ByDescription
13929.07.2011 05:59:44CiskoGSB 28-July-2011View
13829.07.2011 02:10:56CiskoGreenscale 27-July-2011View
11821.07.2011 20:36:08CiskoGreenscale 20- July-2011View
11218.07.2011 05:51:28CiskoRiver Of Souls 17- July -2011View
11117.07.2011 03:56:06CiskoRANDOM GSBView
This list of events is updated every 15minutes

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