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Guild description: SUN was founded in 1997 when a group of danish cafe players started playing Ultima Online from the now infamous Mekka cafe. You can read some of the Golden Moments from back then by selecting the articles from menu to the left...
Server: Sagespire
Guild website: http://www.guildofsun.com
RSS Feed: RSS Events
Guild raid locations: Greenscales Blight 4/5 

Guild Events

Event IDTime SubmittedSubmitted ByDescription
15814.09.2011 18:34:35guild_statsGreenscaleView
15713.09.2011 20:56:49guild_statsLow level PVEView
6720.06.2011 00:24:11guild_statsGreenscale June 24View
5716.06.2011 00:06:06guild_statsGreenscale June 15View
5212.06.2011 23:35:32guild_statsGreenscale and raid riftView
4505.06.2011 21:41:28guild_statsGreenscaleView
4029.05.2011 23:53:17guild_statsThe Gilded Prophecy wipe festView
3424.05.2011 01:39:16guild_statsRaid riftsView
3016.05.2011 01:43:38guild_statsRandom instancesView
2915.05.2011 21:55:20guild_statsCC and other instanceView
2614.05.2011 00:51:32guild_statsKingsBreachView
2409.05.2011 03:43:21guild_statsGreenscale - First tryView
1716.04.2011 22:27:06guild_statsTrying DPS ClericView
1616.04.2011 20:07:28guild_statsRandom instances with RandomsView
502.04.2011 10:01:48guild_statsRandom instancesView
402.04.2011 10:01:17guild_statsFaE wipe festView
302.04.2011 10:00:17guild_statsKingsBreachView
202.04.2011 09:59:42guild_statsFaE lvl 20View
102.04.2011 09:58:28guild_statsLHView
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