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GuildStats.NET powers both a parser client and web sites(Age of Conan and Rift), allowing guilds and players to make the most out of their game by providing statistics for your favorite MMO like DPS, HPS ( And much much more). Best of all its completely FREE.

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This is a list of recent events submited to the site, where the submited choose to share with the public.

Last public events submitted
Submit TimeServerGuildEvents
10.07.2012No ServerPublicPublish test
24.03.2012No ServerPublicTest event
06.10.2011DimrootPraetorian GuardTESTES
27.09.2011No ServerPublicNew public post system
13.09.2011SagespireSUNLow level PVE
08.08.2011LaethysTabula RasaGSB
29.07.2011MillrushRequiemGSB 28-July-2011
29.07.2011MillrushRequiemGreenscale 27-July-2011
25.07.2011LaethysTabula RasaRoS
24.07.2011BloodironChamions of Telerakjkjuhuyhyygtgtgygygygygy
24.07.2011BloodironChamions of Teleralklklkl
24.07.2011BloodironChamions of Telerajhjhjhjhjhjhjhj
24.07.2011BloodironChamions of Telerajhjhjhjhjhj
24.07.2011BloodironChamions of Teleraklklklklklkl
22.07.2011AkalaInquisitionDoing some Achievements this run
21.07.2011MillrushRequiemGreenscale 20- July-2011
19.07.2011LaethysTabula RasaGreenscale

Site news:

Fixed server side related issue ( Posted 21.11.2012 09:03:19 )
With the error reporting server and the one that recives logs from GuildStats clients.

GuildStats Beta released ( Posted 17.09.2012 18:27:27 )
This Version is not digitaly signed anymore, because the certificate is expired and im unsure if you wanna spend a few hundred dollars on a New one.

Download here
Changed: - Is no longer allowed in playernames for AoC.
Changed: How the saved list of known entities handles conflicts with new static lists from www.guildstats.net ( Static list wins )
Fixed: Internal error where Parts of the code would not what game was active ( Would show in AoC failing to do class detection).
Changed: Disabled the "overview" feature in minimal UI, this was confusing users ( Disabled by default now).
Fixed: Minor parse error with Aoc Sprint lines
Fixed: But where real time UI could fail to rebuild UI with new party members